Property Management In Maidenhead



Our Mission at Home and Soil

Our mission is to help people feel proud about their home and garden. With the right tradespeople, and a wealth of experience in property management in Maidenhead, we can help that happen for you. Contact our helpful team to tell us about your building or home repair project, and we will get back to you with a quote, or arrange a site visit.

Our vision:

We aim to make things work for you, and with this in mind, we will fit round your schedule to help bring you the home of your dreams.

Our values:

We fully vet all our contractors and continuously check their work because we believe it shouldn't be a hassle to find good quality tradespeople you can trust. We expect and only accept the highest quality of work from our tradespeople.


 Phot of a man trimming a small shrub with sheers





We also incorporate the following values into everything we do:



We always approach each project with a fair and transparent attitude. In this way, you can be sure of what you are paying for, and are not being overcharged for your work.


In that respect, we treat our workers the same way, and always ensure they are fairly paid for their work and time, and that their safety is respected at all times.



When we say we'll be somewhere, or do something, that is what will happen. Barring exceptional circumstances, we will always call ahead of time if there is a delay.


In our work in property management in Maidenhead, we vet all our contractors to make sure the work they perform is compliant with regulations and of exceptional standard.